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WOMB-EN – Women’s Wisdom Retreat – Bali

May 24th to May 30th 2020

We are very excited that registrations are now open for our beautiful ‘WOMB-EN – Women’s Wisdom Retreat in a stunning seaside boutique resort in Bali set amidst a coconut grove and nestled between the sea and the majestic Mount Agung, Bali’s most sacred mountain.

We are also blessed to be joined by the beautiful Shannon Ukena who is the Founder of Little Green Heart. Who will be guiding us through a journey of connection with the individual workings of our own unique needs in our body, exploring our emotional connection to food and understanding how we nourish and nurture ourselves as women.

We will be taking your feminine on a beautiful secret date, you will be guided on a creative journey to awaken the creative fire within you and through breath work, healing, yoga, massage and daily guided healing journeys with me, you will be nurtured, pampered, nourished, awakened, transformed and returned to your own Sacred Feminine Essence. You will be taken on a journey of unifying and balancing your own masculine and feminine energy within you through embodying the greatest secret that women have, the power within the womb. 

Space is also limited at this retreat and we already have a wait list so if you feel guided to join us, please register your interest with me as soon as possible.

CLICK HERE to see the full retreat agenda.

Embodying the Sacred Feminine – Mallorca Retreat

March 12th to March 15th 2020

It has been such a blessing for me to co-create with Laura from Bambu Shala to bring our dreams and our visions for humanity to life!  We can’t wait to share what we have created for you with our beautiful, transformational, nurturing retreats.

Laura and I are so excited that registrations are now open for our beautiful ‘Embodying the Sacred Feminine’ Women’s Retreat in the heart of Mallorca in Spain. We will be staying in the heart of Palma de Mallorca and we will be creating our sacred space at the Zunray Yoga Studio. We are blessed to be joined by the beautiful Marta Abril who is the Founder of The Comoonity who will be guiding us through a journey of self-love, self-acceptance and connection. We are also joined by the gifted Shannon Ukena from Little Green Heart in Australia who will be sharing her wisdom to empower conscious connection between food, emotion and your body. We will be offering feminine kundalini yoga, movement and I will be doing daily healing processes, mandala creation and breath-work to awaken your creative power and unify your feminine and masculine energy within. This retreat will be deeply nurturing and transformational inviting you in to a deep space of conscious connection with your sacred feminine.

Due to the intimate nature of this retreat, space is very limited so if you feel guided to join us, please register your interest as soon as possible with Laura by CLICKING HERE.

CLICK HERE to see the full retreat agenda.

What they say…

The decision to undertake a journey to the Casa is a significant commitment, one which can evoke both excitement and trepidation. A key ingredient to this decision is to have the confidence that you will gain the absolute most benefit possible. Apart from your own preparedness an experienced, supportive and knowledgeable guide would enhance this journey.

Nicole Rigato is that and a great deal more. You will be guided, supported and nurtured through this journey by an intuitive, devoted, caring, embracing and genuine Soul in the form of Nicole. You are guaranteed the opportunity to achieve the greatest benefit from this journey with Nicole’s guidance. The rest is up to you.

For this reason I chose Nicole for each of the three journeys that I undertook to the Casa. Nicole is an absolute blessing”

P. Lee, Woodend, VIC
MANY, MANY BLESSINGS and TOTAL GRATITUDE to the most Beautiful Souls that made this life adventure possible Nicole and Michael
Thank You Nicole for being such a humble and loving guide, so much gratitude for all the behind the scene preparation before arriving to Abadiania (planning, organising, support, love, blessings, communicating, meditations). This life adventure with you both and our group has definitely been soul changing, with such profound events on many levels. Thank you and feeling total gratitude to the both of you for all the love, organisation and support you guys provided throughout the entire adventure including the laughter, tears, hugs and entertainment to organising our trip to the soup kitchen and serving blessed soup to the less fortunate. Honestly guys there was never a dull moment. Life long blessings to you both, I love you both and look forward to our next adventure very soon.
K.Bateson, Newcastle, NSW

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