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35 Minute meditation

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Many of you have been going through a process of spiritual awakening where you may be experiencing loss in many forms, intense emotional or spiritual experiences, physical symptoms of imbalance and times of extreme change.  You may be feeling that your career or relationship that has been a part of your life for a long time no longer feels right or you are being drawn to start behaving and thinking in a new way.  You are being called to awaken the deepest truth of existence within you and become more conscious of the choices you are making that influence the circumstances in your life.

We are all on a path of self-discovery, seeking deeper answers to who we are and why we are here?  The way we have been conditioned to answer this question for ourselves can often come through external filters.  Where do your answers come from?  They can come from your families, your neighbours, your ancestors, your spiritual traditions and society. This forms how you see yourself, your body, your relationships and your relationship with the world around you.  The story you are telling yourself unconsciously must change to reflect the new discoveries that allow you to be authentic in your expression of who you are.

We require a lot of energy not just to sustain all of the functions in our physical body but also for strengthening our energy field and expanding our consciousness.  If we are holding unresolved energies in our field that may be inhibiting the energy we need to maintain optimal energy levels, then we may suffer in one or all of these areas. Some of our life experiences require a lot of energy like a period of intense change, a challenging relationship, a legal battle, an ongoing disagreement or an illness. As energy flows up and down our spinal column, it creates an electromagnetic field.  The bigger your energy field, the healthier you will become and your capacity to become ill lessens. If you have a large energy field, it also supports you to raise your consciousness because as you raise your vibration and increase your energetic field, your consciousness expands and this supports your process of ascension.  As we are living in a time of extremes, this process will support you to find your centre and thrive in the new world that is emerging during times of crisis and change.  You are not what you have been told and you are far more than you have ever imagined.

This healing meditation is a guided energy process designed to release that which is draining your energy in order to upgrade your energy systems, expand your consciousness and return you to a state of balance to bring more grace to your process of awakening.





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