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24 Minute meditation

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This healing meditation was recorded to support you to release judgements and programs that may be inhibiting the flow of your creative expression.  Whether you are guided to paint, draw, sculpt, create mandalas, write or do some other form of creativity, this meditation will clear contraction in your creative channels and prepare you to create from a space of awareness of your whole being, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.  When you create from this space of being present with your emotions in your body, the emotion that you are experiencing that is sitting in your cellular memory in your body feels acknowledged and starts to move to be released.  Many of you have heard the saying that emotion is just ‘energy in motion’ but when we don’t feel safe to express this emotional energy at the time that we experience it, this emotion gets stored in the cellular memory in the body.

You will be guided to support your conscious mind to rest as it does not understand the realms of your unconsciousness and open your heart and creation centres to express from a state of Presence.

This is a beautiful process to do when you are feeling something that you can’t find words for or if you are having difficulty expressing or processing what you are experiencing.




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