Manifesting Mindset – Daily Practices

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Morning and Evening Meditations

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These morning AND evening meditations support you to stay aligned to what you wish to manifest in your life in a world where we are easily lured off-course.

The morning meditation prepares your mental field and focus for the day to take charge of your life and consciously choose what you are manifesting instead of only reacting to whatever shows up that day. The evening meditation helps you to bring completion to your day and give your subconscious mind direction when you enter your sleep state.

The last 5 minutes of your day before you drift off to sleep are so important because you are going to energise what is in your sub conscious mind for the next 8 hours so it is good to give your subconscious mind some instructions.  Often people review things they are angry about, what didn’t work in their day, what they don’t like, worrying about things that haven’t yet happened and they fill their mind with negativity and this instructs your subconscious mind for what it is going to focus on for the next 8 hours, creating more of this.

Observing your thoughts and consciously directing them away from constantly focussing on what is going wrong in your life, to instead focus on what is going well for you, brings a heightened awareness of gratitude and invites more in to your life to feel grateful for.



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