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38 Minute meditation

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This guided healing meditation was recorded to support you to create the space to restore your heart and energy in your inner world during times of change to expand your light, your energy and your consciousness.  Being authentically you is what the world needs right now.

What is happening around you feeds your thoughts, your feelings and shapes you and your experiences therefore, it is important to create the space to return to your own essence and check in with what is in alignment with your Soul and what you feel you need to let go of.

You will be guided to release unconscious ancestral and collective patterns of playing small, downplaying your needs, neglecting or denying your own needs to the detriment of fulfilling your Soul’s purpose here.  When we hide our own light and try to be invisible and unseen by those around us, we are really hiding the truth that lies within ourselves.

Know that you radiate a unique beautiful light that serves to illuminate the world. Your light is part of the whole and the natural radiance of the Universe, and you are here to share the unique brilliance of your light with humanity.

Allowing your light to shine is the highest way for you to serve the planet right now.



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