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7 Week On-Line Course

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7 Week On-Line Course with Nicole Rigato


Do you want to gain a deeper, practical understanding of the function and purpose of the 7 Major Chakras and how to feel empowered to restore balance and wellbeing?


The word Chakra is an old Sanskrit word that translates into ‘wheel’.  Chakras are spinning wheel-like energy centres that start at the base of your spine and move all the way up to the crown of your head.  They interconnect and communicate with each other and each chakra offers your Soul a specific learning experience.


Our chakras process psycho-emotional energy and control the energy flow to our energy meridians and organs in our body.  Your chakras take energy in from your environment and surrounding etheric field and distribute it through your body, activating the endocrine and nervous systems.


An imprint of every emotionally significant event your Soul has ever experienced is recorded in your chakras.  When these energy centres are out of balance, you can experience dis-ease within your physical body, emotional imbalance, negative thought patterns and spiritually, you may feel disconnected from your purpose or find it difficult to trust your intuition.


During this 7 week experiential course, you will learn about each chakra in depth so that you can understand the specific functions, characteristics and patterns of expression.  We will explore the metaphysical relationship between each chakra and the corresponding glands, organs and physical systems in the body.


This course is great for those that are wanting to learn about the 7 major chakras or deepen their understanding and for those that would like to create a foundation to build upon that are interested in doing my Practitioner Training Retreats.


What will I learn?:


  • Understand the core functions of the 7 main chakras/energy centres of the mind-body system
  • Sense which of your chakras are depleted or congested and learn how to balance and strengthen each chakra
  • Understand which colour rays, elements, sounds, crystals & foods relate to each chakra
  • Gain an understanding of the patterns of imbalance associated with each chakra and learn practical applications to return to wellbeing and expand your consciousness
  • You will learn which essential oils correspond with each chakra and how to use them
  • Empowering statements and affirmations that assist you to balance and raise the vibration of each chakra


What will I receive?:


  • A weekly experiential webinar with Nicole focussing on a different chakra each week
  • A weekly recorded guided meditation to do and exercises to balance and strengthen each specific chakra
  • A weekly workbook with notes for each module and exercises relating to each chakra
  • A certificate of completion once you have completed all course modules


What are the course dates?


Week 1     – Base Chakra               – Wednesday 10th April, 2019

Week 2     – Sacral Chakra            – Wednesday 17th April, 2019

Week 3     – Solar Plexus Chakra  – Wednesday 24th April, 2019

Week 4     – Heart Chakra              – Wednesday 1st May, 2019

Week 5     – Throat Chakra            – Wednesday 8th May, 2019

Week 6     – Third Eye Chakra        – Wednesday 15th May, 2019

Week 7     – Crown Chakra            – Wednesday 22nd May, 2019


If for some reason you miss any of the classes, you will be sent the full recording to do at home along with the weekly meditation and course materials and exercises.

What is my investment:

Your course fees for the 7 weeks including all course materials, recorded meditations and webinars are $299 PLUS GST.  You can pay with credit card via the secure link on my website or if you prefer, I can email you an invoice so you can pay via direct deposit.


Cancellation Policy:

Online learning has deemed to have commenced once you have logged in and accessed the learning materials and webinar. Where such a login has occurred, no refund will be made for that on-line course.
All cancellations or variations to course bookings must be received in writing and any refunds will be offered at the discretion of Nicole Rigato.

Failure to attend

No refunds will be given if a participant fails to participate in a module to its successful completion.  All links and materials will be provided for any modules that are missed.


Course certificate of completion and acknowledgements may be withheld until the full course payment is received.

Exceptional Circumstances

Nicole Rigato recognises that in some cases there are exceptional circumstances in which a charge may not be incurred



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