Empowering your inner child

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Come and join me for this powerful but nurturing process of transformation and be deeply reconnected to your essence.

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During the last 15 years of working with thousands of clients, if I had to choose one area to work on with my clients that I knew would create the biggest shift in their life or their health, it would be working with their inner child. Many of our most common beliefs, fears, insecurities and patterns of self-sabotage are locked in during our childhood experiences. Your inner child is also unconsciously expressing genetic fears and Soul trauma through your actions, thoughts, beliefs and experiences.

It is not so much about what you may have experienced as a child but how you perceived it at that time because regardless of whether you remember what occurred consciously now, those old perceptions and beliefs and the emotional energy that were locked in to your cellular memory during that time are still expressing through you. For me, I could see these patterns of struggle that kept re-occurring in my relationships, my experience with money, my self-worth and pretty much everything I was creating in my life, was being impacted by these unconscious energies. This emotional energy or the fear or trauma that was held by you back then gets triggered, comes to the surface and expresses itself through your energy and consciousness until it has been released.

Allow yourself to be deeply reconnected to the most beautiful, creative, sensitive, gifted part of your being that may have lost connection with their original Divine innocence and trust with all beings. As you lay within your own sacred space during this guided healing meditation, you will not only be supported to heal any deeper dimensions of fear, disconnection from your truth and trauma from your own childhood experience but you will be supported to heal, forgive and release all that your ancestors and soul lineage have held during their childhood experience. These unresolved patterns of energy and consciousness may be expressing themselves through your Soul body, your Emotional body and your Genetic body creating patterns of self sabotage or limitation.

Come and join me for this powerful but nurturing process of transformation and be deeply reconnected to your essence.


1 review for Empowering your inner child

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Hello to all my friends in Australia and America, may I suggest Nicole Rigato as a wonderful guide on your journey of self transformation. I recently listened to an amazing recording of one of her group healings and feel led to share how amazing a facilitator she is. Check her life’s work out today!
    From Erin S., Perth

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