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45 minute meditation

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Codependency can simply be the loss of self and your connection to your own essence by devoting all of your time and energy caring for others, more than you do for yourself. You can feel like you are losing your identity in codependency.

Those with patterns of codependency have too much awareness for the needs of others and lose connection with their own needs, purpose and heart’s desires.

The roots of codependency often stem from your Soul holding a deep, unconscious fear of abandonment and from unresolved ancestral and childhood patterns that extend in to all of your adult relationships.

During this guided healing meditation, you will be supported to release childhood imprinting and patterns of guilt and shame that create you to make decisions from a place of unworthiness. When we create from a place of fear or shame, it can create us to form unhealthy attachments that don’t serve us to feel empowered in relationships.

Learn to feel empowered to create healthy boundaries in relationships, allowing you to continue to serve from a place of love and compassion without feeling drained or depleted.



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