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36 minute meditation

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This healing meditation has been created to support you to awaken your higher intuition.  You receive higher intuition through your Divine Presence which is the highest, non-physical part of your own being that resides in the spiritual dimensions.  Just like we have a physical part of us, this is the highest spiritual part of us.

Your intuitive abilities are a natural gift that your soul possesses.  Your body is programmed to be able to handle these abilities but the ability is inherent in you as the soul and not the body. That’s why you as the soul have to be present in your body to receive guidance through your intuition.

It is important to increase your vibration if you want to receive higher guidance.  Your ability to hear, see or feel energy or guidance is like tuning in to a particular radio station.  Do you tune into ‘im not worthy fm’ or ‘i am loved and supported fm’? The frequency you are vibrating at governs what kind of broadcasts you’ll be able to hear from your radio station.  Remember that both of these stations are playing simultaneously but it’s our choice to choose what we want to listen to.

It also affects the clarity of your connection like when you are talking to someone on a mobile phone and you hear only several words of the sentence instead of the whole sentence and you have to make the rest up or piece the conversation together.

When we hold these lower vibrational energies in our intuitive channels, it can distort and limit the guidance we receive.  Clearing these channels will assist you to raise your vibration and receive clearer guidance and intuition so you no longer feel the need to look outside of yourself to find answers, clarity and guidance to support you to align to your highest path.



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