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Workbook and meditation

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Since the beginning of time, stories have been shared to connect people, to empower, to inspire, to heal, to impart wisdom, to hand down ancient teachings to new generations and cultures and to awaken new levels of consciousness. When we read a story that someone has shared that is in total resonance with our own internal story, something magical happens within us.  A part of us that has been holding unresolved experiences suddenly feels that they have been heard and that they are not alone.  We each have a story inside of us to be expressed.  When we can transform a painful journey or life experience into a gift of wisdom to be shared with humanity, we allow others to be inspired to embark upon their own journey of healing.  The sacred journey of returning home to our heart.

We are in a time of great change on our planet, the stories we choose to share now will support humanity to raise our consciousness and shape our future.

This is not a technical program learning about punctuation and grammar etc. nor is it a program on how to create the structure for writing a book.  This is about creating sacred space to connect you to your Higher Enlightened Self and the parts of your being within that wish to be expressed.  It is a gentle opening to your own unique expression as a writer.  This is a program where you will receive Divine assistance to clear unconscious blockages and awaken this creative force within you. This is about creating a non-judgemental space to find your sacred voice, to find your flow and, to offer a space to the parts of you that wish to be heard.

Allow yourself to be deeply re-connected to the part of your being that would like to express higher guidance and wisdom through you and draw strength and wisdom from your heart.

You will be learning how to use writing as a powerful healing tool to release unresolved emotional energy, to receive guidance and clarity and to be a clear channel for Divine wisdom to flow through you as the vessel.




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