New Crystal Bed Starting in Melbourne Clinic

Greetings from John of God’s Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil!  I am very excited to announce that bookings are now open for Crystal Light Bed Healings in the Melbourne Clinic.  Bookings can be made by calling Rebecca on 0407 594 218.
Crystal Bed Photo

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  1. Talia November 19, 2011 at 1:50 pm - Reply

    I was lucky enough to join Nicole on her most recent John of God retreat in Brazil and it was nothing short of AMAZING! It has impacted my life profoundly in so many ways and continues to do so every day.

    I’ve tried many times to put into words the enormous changes, depth of experience & the extremely physical nature of such a spiritual experience that happens in Abadiania…

    It was like 10 years of healing in 10 days.

    I commented to a friend on my return that I don’t feel I’ve changed rather I’ve become a much truer version of myself and for that I feel enormous gratitude. I feel calmer, more joyful and am more myself than I’ve ever been.

    Nicole thank you so much for sharing & guiding our experience with such an open heart, endless patience, sincerity, and words of wisdom. I am constantly inspired by your unconditional love & acceptance. Thank you also to the group who had such a great sense of humour enabling MUCH laughter along with the healing.

    I think perhaps the best way to describe the enormous healing process is to go and actually experience the Casa and John of God. After thinking to myself it was a once in a life time trip, I can’t wait to go again!!! Thanks gorgeous Nicole for opening the door for me to see & be a better version of myself.

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