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Birth and Pregnancy Support Nicole offers support from the process of conception right through to post partum recovery. Working with IVF or natural conception, you may wish to receive support prior to conception, throughout your pregnancy, in preparation for the birthing process and post partum healing including caesarian deliveries.

For a woman, the process of birthing a child can create a deep spiritual opening but can also be a trigger for genetic memories or fears to surface.

These can be unresolved fears, emotions, traumas or beliefs held unconsciously by your mother or many past generations of your genetic lineage in relation to the process of birthing or becoming a mother, held within your DNA. ¬†These can lay dormant until you open to the experience of becoming a mother yourself or you may be very aware of some fear that you hold that doesn’t seem rational. It is also important to address any unconscious memories you may hold from any birth trauma you may have experienced.

After assessing your individual needs, Nicole will tailor a program that best supports your individual experience.

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