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Crystal Light Bed Healing

Crystal Light Bed Healing is an extraordinary healing system that involves coloured light and varying frequencies, being pulsed through clear quartz crystals into your seven major chakra centres. This deeply cleanses, opens, balances and energises these chakra centres and raises the frequency of your energy systems.

How can this healing system help me?

Crystal Light Bed Healing assists healing to take place on all levels of your being. Those experiencing physical challenges/disease often find that healing takes place on other levels (mental, emotional, or spiritual) before creating an improvement or healing in their physical condition.

Some enjoy working with this healing system simply to improve an area of their life that is not flowing as they wish. Others find it useful to clear addictive patterns, release deep emotional pain or simply bring unconscious fears or beliefs into conscious awareness.

If you are considering beginning some healing work but are unsure where to start, Crystal Light Bed Healing is a great place to begin. We find that because this process deeply cleanses the energy systems, it enables any subsequent healing work to impact you more deeply.

The pace at which the healing process takes place with Crystal Light Bed Healing is highly individual and dependent on many factors. We have witnessed both miraculous, ‘instant’ healing as well as healing that takes place over time. Your readiness and willingness to commit to taking personal responsibility for your healing process is a key factor that impacts your healing.

Your consultation with Nicole includes a private consultation to discuss your needs and your crystal light bed session.

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