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Welcome to the Heart Hub

The Heart Hub is my monthly membership portal to support my growing global community.  I am passionate about giving you the tools to empower you on your journey of awakening. I wanted to create a very affordable monthly subscription to make it accessible to anyone, where you will receive monthly recorded healing meditations, tools, workshops and special member only offers to assist your commitment of personal and collective growth and expansion.  I am also excited to be collaborating with other industry leaders to bring you expert interviews, tools and strategies for empowered living.

This is also a wonderful platform of Divine Service where we can come together as a global community to serve Humanity.

These offerings are my Soul’s work, inviting you to raise your vibration, expand your energy and consciousness & evolve your purpose.

What does my Membership include?

  • You will receive a monthly recorded guided healing meditation with a specific focus
  • Each subscriber will receive all of my past recorded live events in my on-line store for free
  • A 10% discount on my Sacred Art & Vibrational Elixirs in my on-line store
  • Priority discount prices on all on-line workshops and programs
  • Member only competitions and offers
  • Regular Expert Interviews with industry leaders in the field of love, transformation, empowerment, awakening, expansion of consciousness, relationships, sacred art, creativity, self awareness and all things spiritual

The Heart Hub is a membership subscription that you can cancel at any time but I know once you realise how much value, love and support you will be receiving through the Heart Hub, you will want to stay connected to this beautiful group heart.

A Caring Environment where You are assisted through the Change

We seek to educate and empower you to transform any aspect of your life and health by changing the energy within you, assisting you to release energy blockages and thereby create a new reality.

In this process, we also seek to empower you to connect with and live according to your own inner guidance/Higher Self.

A safe, nurturing environment is created where you can feel free to discuss the challenges you are facing in your health or in any other aspect of your life.

Together we will create the appropriate program for you and assist you to restore harmony and balance to mind, body, soul and spirit.

We work with a wide range of people, some dealing with the challenges of addiction, depression, chronic disease or infertility, others simply seeking a greater sense of purpose, connection and meaning in their lives.

To find out more about how Nicole Rigato can assist you please explore the information on this site or contact us to discuss your individual needs.


What they say…

There are no words to express my gratitude towards Nicole Rigato, for all her support, guidance and care, not only for me but towards the whole group in Abadiania, Brazil.
You are a blessing, and I feel fortunate that you have walked by my side in this beautiful and transforming deep and full of love experience.
Also I don’t want to leave Michael Firth out of this message, thanks for all the willingness and help. You guys truly make a great team.
Nicole,once again, thank you for making a difference in my life, and for teaching me that all change begins within us!!!
I love you soo much!!
C. Monterrosa , Miami, USA

I have had the pleasure of traveling to Brazil with Nicole three times.  Her support begins well before you reach Brazil with lots of advice and guidance provided prior in preparation to help maximise your experience over there.  She is one of the most highly regarded guides in Brazil and her compassionate, caring approach means you get top quality support throughout your journey.  Nicole is an amazingly talented healer and clairvoyant which was extremely helpful in interpreting what was happening and what I was personally experiencing.  I felt safe and supported with Nicole and highly recommend her as a guide to anyone considering embarking on the amazingly powerful journey to visit John of God.   

Nicole P., Melbourne,VIC
Words will never be able to describe how much Nicole means to me. As a healer, an inspiration, a guide, a mentor, a woman. I’m so grateful for the gift that is her. And I know I am infinitely blessed to have not only been graced by her beautiful presence, but to have had the privilege to work with her in this lifetime. The abundance program so far, is nothing short of spectacular.. I am seeing and receiving shifts that I never imagined possible – fast. Nicole goes to the deepest places, in the safest ways, to unlock dormant, unlimited potential. I’m only day 2 into the 30 day abundance program; and I have no doubt that my life is changing for the better. Thank you, Nicole. From the bottom of my heart. For all that you are, and all that you do. You are amazing!
K.L. Melbourne
Dear Nicole, Thank you so much for offering this service – I have never experienced anything as powerful as last night whilst being in the safety of my own home. I just wanted to tell you that as the energy from my head moved to my heart I thought my ears would explode – just like when a plane comes down for landing :)- it was very intense but brief then my whole upper body was flooded with the most beautiful light and I felt peace. Certainly a very powerful experience hard to put it into words really but was a huge release of energy stored. A lot of trust involved with this process but overall a great start. I feel as though it is the first time in a long time I have truly let go….sure was needed at this point in time. Looking forward to the next live stream. Many blessings to you dear beautiful soul…what an amazing experience…Thank you
P.M., South Australia
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