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Our next retreat date to Brazil is Monday 29th October – Saturday 10th November, 2018

John of God RetreatJohn of God is the renowned, Brazilian medium healer who tirelessly serves humanity with his extraordinary mediumship gifts. He has treated over 11 million people and he does this work free of charge.

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Nestled in the hills of Abadiania, Brazil, John of God’s ‘Casa de Dom Inacio’, is a non-denominational place of profound love and healing – a major healing portal on the Earth.

John of God with Nicole Rigato

John of God with Nicole

Those who journey to this extraordinary place vary from people who are physically unwell to those on the spiritual path seeking a profound shift in consciousness. ALL who journey here receive immense gifts which are often beyond the mind’s comprehension. Many receive miraculous healing.

“I believe that an experience in this high frequency place equates to years of spiritual work. The meditation (‘current’) rooms at The Casa are very activated, high frequency rooms where many Beings of Light serve humanity’s healing process. These rooms are also regarded as training rooms to assist us to develop a clear connection to our guidance and to help ‘open’ those who are developing their gifts as a healer, medium or channel.”

Nicole Rigato is an experienced healer, teacher, author and Official Casa Guide who is passionate about assisting you to get the most out of your journey to John of God’s Casa. As well as arranging the retreat and guiding you through the protocols of the Casa, she will lovingly support you through your transformation process each day during your time there.

Why Join a Guided Group with Nicole?

Having a guide organise the retreat for you, supporting you every day to understand and integrate your experience and direct you through the “Treatment Protocols” whilst at the Casa, allows you to simply focus on your own healing process throughout this journey and get the most out of your time at The Casa.

Nicole is experienced in supporting people through deep healing processes and has done so for many years. She has also spent the last 25 years focusing on her own inner work and spiritual growth. Experienced in guiding people through what can be an intense experience in the high energy of this healing portal, Nicole will support you with an open heart creating a safe space to surrender to your journey of transformation.

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