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Embodying the Awakened Heart…

BAMBU SHALA proudly presents Embodying the Awakened Heart – a Transformational Weekend Workshop with Nicole Rigato.

Everything we experience in our outer world is created by what we feel and give our power to in our inner world. Think of your heart chakra as a timeless dimension of consciousness where all things are possible in the present moment but when we hold emotional pain or trauma, you will feel this pain when you enter the heart creating you to want to leave your heart space immediately. These painful emotions can be held from unresolved past experiences, soul memories or ancestral memories that are expressing through your energy and consciousness. When you shut down this part of your heart in order to protect yourself from feeling this pain, unfortunately this also prevents you from experiencing your greatest capacity to love, to feel joy, experience pleasure, create abundance and to find what brings meaning to your life and relationships.

You will be supported to learn to feel comfortable with being with your emotional pain to allow it to be transformed and returned to love, reclaiming the parts of your being that have felt disconnected from you and separate from love.

There are huge benefits in taking time for ourselves to tend to our emotional needs and be supported to break through your greatest fears and limitations that prevent you from creating the beautiful life and meaningful relationships that you deserve.

During this weekend workshop, Nicole creates a safe space to connect you with the power of your vulnerability to support personal growth, healing and transformation to nurture an empowering relationship with your emotions and access the full power of your heart.

You will be guided through some powerful healing processes to unlock the power of your heart and expand your capacity to give and receive love and experience joy and peace regardless of what you may be experiencing in your life. Learn to live your life with an open heart from a place of authenticity, love and connection.

We will explore:

· The art and importance of receiving

· How your level of self-worth is dictating your experiences

· Healing the ancestral heart

· Your heart connection to your Inner child

· Your heart being the gateway to your Soul and life purpose

· Your heart’s relationship with money

· Your heart’s relationship with intimacy

· Your heart & mind balance/connection

Nicole will lovingly support you to create conscious change to move beyond your current limitations and live an authentic life with an awakened heart!

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Intuitive Energy Practitioner Retreat…

Awaken, Empower, Transform.

2nd to the 4th of August 2019 – Sunshine Coast

Whether you are an existing energy practitioner wanting to develop your core skills to facilitate both personal and professional healing or you are wanting to learn how to open your healing channel to explore the sacred healing arts, you will love this hands on, practical Intuitive Energy Practitioner Course.

Come and join me for this beautiful 3 day weekend beachfront Practitioner Retreat on the Sunshine Coast and be immersed in these beautiful high frequencies, enjoy healthy delicious food and sharing your open heart with a gorgeous group of people with a common vision to align to their purpose for the betterment of Humanity.

During this retreat, you will gain a deep understanding of how to work with different types of energy for healing purposes.

Whether you just want to transform your own life, heal deep trauma or bring these skills in to your own healing practice, this course will assist you to develop your confidence, your intuitive abilities and educate you with practical knowledge and hands on experience.

Some of you may wish to weave this into your existing modalities to enhance and deepen your work to facilitate deep transformational healing processes.

Please note that you should have some familiarity with the 7 Major Chakras, and if not, I will be running an on-line course ‘Energy Anatomy of the 7 Major Chakras’ from Wednesday the 10thof April. To find out more, CLICK HERE.

After you arrive and check-in, we will be starting with a group healing on the Friday afternoon to assist you to clear your unconscious wounds as a healer to prepare you to open for the weekend’s work, followed by a welcome dinner.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to open yourself to be a clear vessel to channel Higher Vibrational Energy for the purpose of transforming energy and consciousness
  • Understand how to guide a client into a deep, receptive healing state to facilitate healing and transformation
  • Guided Inner Child healing technique to support yourself and your clients
  • Intuitive Focussing technique to access information from the cellular memory stored within the body.
  • Specific breathing techniques to be used to support yourself or your clients to release stored energy and emotion from the body and to reset the baseline for the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • How to break Soul agreements, vows and contracts that are limiting your experience or healing process
  • How to clear lower vibrational energies
  • How to work with different aspects of your consciousness

Payment Structure:
This 3 day retreat includes all meals with vegetarian and vegan options, all your training and take home intellectual property and specially negotiated beach front hotel room rates paid separately. Confirm your place via either of the following payment methods.

One payment upon booking of $899AUD plus GST to ensure your place by adding this to your cart and PURCHASING HERE
3 equal payments of $349AUD plus GST in (March, April and May ~ totaling $1047AUD)
*For access to this option please reply via email ASAP via to lock in your place as there are only a small number of places available for this intimate event.


Once you have paid in full or made your initial deposit, we will send you a link to receive the specially negotiated group rates to book your accommodation directly with the resort. The hotel has single rooms and also fantastic 2 and 3 bedroom ocean view apartments available if you book now.

Getting there:

Once you have booked your flights please inform us of the details and we will arrange for the hotel shuttle to pick you up and transport directly you to the venue to ensure a hassle free experience

Extending your stay in the Sunshine Coast:

The winter months in the Sunshine Coast are some of the best to thaw out from the southern states. There is so much to do! For example the Sunshine Coast is one of only 2 places in the world where you can snorkel with a whale between July and October. Or perhaps you would like to watch the sun set over the glass house mountains, or paddle board in winter as the water temperature is still a beautiful average of 21 degrees… Or maybe you would like to visit Kondalilla Falls and spend the day walking through the shops in the hills in gorgeous Montville. For those who decide to stay on and extend, let us know as Michael and I would love to join you as your local hosts.
We would love for you to join us, so if you are interested in attending – BOOK FAST as the numbers for this intimate event are quite limited

Love and Blessings Nicole xox

What they say…

The decision to undertake a journey to the Casa is a significant commitment, one which can evoke both excitement and trepidation. A key ingredient to this decision is to have the confidence that you will gain the absolute most benefit possible. Apart from your own preparedness an experienced, supportive and knowledgeable guide would enhance this journey.

Nicole Rigato is that and a great deal more. You will be guided, supported and nurtured through this journey by an intuitive, devoted, caring, embracing and genuine Soul in the form of Nicole. You are guaranteed the opportunity to achieve the greatest benefit from this journey with Nicole’s guidance. The rest is up to you.

For this reason I chose Nicole for each of the three journeys that I undertook to the Casa. Nicole is an absolute blessing”

P. Lee, Woodend, VIC
MANY, MANY BLESSINGS and TOTAL GRATITUDE to the most Beautiful Souls that made this life adventure possible Nicole and Michael
Thank You Nicole for being such a humble and loving guide, so much gratitude for all the behind the scene preparation before arriving to Abadiania (planning, organising, support, love, blessings, communicating, meditations). This life adventure with you both and our group has definitely been soul changing, with such profound events on many levels. Thank you and feeling total gratitude to the both of you for all the love, organisation and support you guys provided throughout the entire adventure including the laughter, tears, hugs and entertainment to organising our trip to the soup kitchen and serving blessed soup to the less fortunate. Honestly guys there was never a dull moment. Life long blessings to you both, I love you both and look forward to our next adventure very soon.
K.Bateson, Newcastle, NSW

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