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Stay tuned for Nicole’s Retreat dates for 2019…

John of God Retreat

Nicole offers transformational, healing retreats to assist you to dive deeply into your unconsciousness to heal and transform your deepest fears and limitations to allow you to be the highest expression of yourself and align to your Soul’s Purpose.

Stay tuned for dates and locations to be released for 2019 for Nicole’s upcoming Practitioner Only Training Retreats and Transformational Retreats open to the public.

Why Join a Retreat with Nicole?

Having Nicole organise the retreat for you, supporting you every day to understand and integrate your experience and guide you through the process of transformation, allows you to simply focus on your own healing process throughout this journey and get the most out of your time that you have allowed for yourself to receive.

Nicole is experienced in supporting people through deep healing processes and has done so for many years. She has also spent the last 25 years focusing on her own inner work and spiritual growth. Experienced in guiding people through what can be an intense experience, Nicole will support you with an open heart creating a safe space to surrender to your journey of transformation.

What they say…

The decision to undertake a journey to the Casa is a significant commitment, one which can evoke both excitement and trepidation. A key ingredient to this decision is to have the confidence that you will gain the absolute most benefit possible. Apart from your own preparedness an experienced, supportive and knowledgeable guide would enhance this journey.

Nicole Rigato is that and a great deal more. You will be guided, supported and nurtured through this journey by an intuitive, devoted, caring, embracing and genuine Soul in the form of Nicole. You are guaranteed the opportunity to achieve the greatest benefit from this journey with Nicole’s guidance. The rest is up to you.

For this reason I chose Nicole for each of the three journeys that I undertook to the Casa. Nicole is an absolute blessing”

P. Lee, Woodend, VIC
MANY, MANY BLESSINGS and TOTAL GRATITUDE to the most Beautiful Souls that made this life adventure possible Nicole and Michael
Thank You Nicole for being such a humble and loving guide, so much gratitude for all the behind the scene preparation before arriving to Abadiania (planning, organising, support, love, blessings, communicating, meditations). This life adventure with you both and our group has definitely been soul changing, with such profound events on many levels. Thank you and feeling total gratitude to the both of you for all the love, organisation and support you guys provided throughout the entire adventure including the laughter, tears, hugs and entertainment to organising our trip to the soup kitchen and serving blessed soup to the less fortunate. Honestly guys there was never a dull moment. Life long blessings to you both, I love you both and look forward to our next adventure very soon.
K.Bateson, Newcastle, NSW

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