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Nicole Rigato will assist You to achieve Complete Wellbeing

Nicole Rigato offers a range of healing modalities, programs and retreats which support you to achieve complete wellbeing and transformation in all areas of your life. We recognise that there is much more to who you are than simply your physical body and your mind. We acknowledge you as a multidimensional being comprising many energy bodies and energy systems.

Shift Your Perspective, Improve Your Life

We believe that all dis-harmony and dis-ease that arises in your body or your life is created from blockages in these energy systems. These blockages keep you stuck in unconscious patterns of behavior, belief systems, circumstances and relationships that may not serve you any longer.

We assist you to recognise how you (unconsciously) create all that occurs in your life due to the energy that you carry within your being, assisting you to bring these unconscious patterns into your conscious awareness.

A Caring Environment where You are assisted through the Change

We seek to educate and empower you to transform any aspect of your life and health by changing the energy within you, assisting you to release energy blockages and thereby create a new reality.

In this process, we also seek to empower you to connect with and live according to your own inner guidance/Higher Self.

A safe, nurturing environment is created where you can feel free to discuss the challenges you are facing in your health or in any other aspect of your life.

Together we will create the appropriate program for you and assist you to restore harmony and balance to mind, body, soul and spirit.

We work with a wide range of people, some dealing with the challenges of addiction, depression, chronic disease or infertility, others simply seeking a greater sense of purpose, connection and meaning in their lives.

To find out more about how Nicole Rigato can assist you please explore the information on this site or contact us to discuss your individual needs.

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